Our work is designed to make a meaningful, lasting difference. Every workshop is adjusted to fit the company, people and culture already in existence. From there, we distinguish the Innovation Gap™ and step into what’s possible, together.

Thought processes, results and futures are stopped when we can’t distinguish the next step, struggle with constructing the next definitive answer or have doubts a goal can effectively and powerfully be achieved.   

The Breakthrough Workshop is designed to break you and your team through to the other side and discover the Illusion of the Impossible™ creating new opportunities beyond anything previously seen.

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3 Hour

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One Day

There is what we want. There is what we have. Then there is what we plan for. How can the vision and the great big idea be matched with the day-to-day operations? Without knowing it, organizations and people set themselves up for incremental results because of the use of past-based analysis to make changes. Yes, these results are positive, yet that give us a false sense of truly meaningful growth. 

The Innovation Gap™ happens in our present and future tense thinking and impacts at the level of culture and people. The one-day Exponential Growth Immersion Workshop is designed for large teams and transforms an organization’s current thinking and structures from that of making it to that of achieving the next level of what’s possible for you and your company. 

Breakthrough leadership is critical and essential in today’s increasingly fast paced world. It is the kind of leadership needed to produce what’s truly possible for a company to make a difference and cause significant impact in the marketplace. How do you lead a team of people in a world of perpetual change? There are new modes of leadership which need to be mastered. Implementing these new methods profoundly changes the culture of an organization to be ready to grow effectively and exponentially. 

The Executive Leadership Advance will produce fresh, cutting-edge outcomes using breakthrough experiences which disrupt current cognitive organizational models that only produce incremental results. We will explore the relationship between traditional linear learning perspectives and the core aspects of what it means to be a leader beyond the title to produce results other than what you believed was possible when your journey first began. 

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Five Day

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What your company and people do and deals with on a day-to-day basis is unique to the visions and the challenge of achieving those visions. 

Customizing a workshop or program is sometimes the best answer. We design and deliver what is specifically needed to create out of the ordinary positive results and achieve the kind of growth you want

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We promise our work delivers. To be most effective, our programs require the buy-in of the decision-making executives whose purposes are aligned with each other. Therefore, we offer all our workshops on an application only basis.