The Ability to Embrace and Create Change

Innovation is constant. And our long-term success is purely a function of how well we deal with it. Sterling's speaking and stories give audiences around the world the inspiration, tools and ability to not just embrace change, but to become people that actually create it. It has reliably left hundreds of founders, investors, retailers, brands and fortune 500 companies working towards a new future that looks entirely new and not just a slightly better version of the past. 

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Sterling delivers impactful keynotes across the world from New York to Singapore making innovation both possible and accessible. Attendees are left with the ability to create change and the inspiration to make it real in their businesses and lives. 



Sterling's DeltaV Method is a masterclass on how to create change and open next-level thinking through story. Stand-alone or as a follow-up to his keynote, they are relied upon by businesses of all sizes and customized to produce breakthrough results.



Sterling participates and hosts innovation-based events all over the world. Startups creating new futures for us to live into often participate and join the events. Join us in the movement of creating something entirely new!