Presentation Mastery

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Presentation Mastery


Scheduled with each company with additional details upon request.

About the event:

Workshops have limited participants and at least one instructor per workshop. This allows time for each participant to present several times. The participants are given a personal story at the beginning of each session. During the storytelling process the participants discover how to become better storytellers and how to present an emotionally congruent story aligning with their idea, project or pitch. After the story, an instructor presents a short re-telling of the story demonstrating how to create the space, slide in and out of dialogue, eliminate narrative and connect the audience to the story. Participants are then asked to do the same.


Every participant is required to watch their own presentation on video and critique themselves. Most people have never seen themselves and how they truly look to an audience. We have found that video review, although difficult for many, is THE catalyst to break old, bad habits and form new ones.


We model and remodel every skill in the workshops until the participant has it because it works. There are no secrets. We are here to practice, practice, practice, so you can build new and improved skills that are ingrained within you. Instructors provide constant feedback and techniques until you get it.


Each participant assumes different roles and perspectives to deliver their pitch: "naysayer", optimist, analyst, and others to open up not just intellectually understanding, but really seeing the idea from different points of view. We often hear that words don’t matter as much as how we present them. We actually show you how to make this theory your new reality during speed POV so you can see and respond to any viewpoint, counterpoint or naysayer in the room. 


During pitch idol your performance is critiqued by you, your fellow participants and the instructor with a level of honesty that the less seasoned, more sensitive participants find uncomfortable, hurtful and even painful. Those of us who know what it feels like to be rejected by a clients, sales prospect or investor appreciate the hard truth, because we know it's the road to improvement, winning and maybe, GREATNESS.

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