Sterling’s powerful words and insights have impacted thousands of people, companies and organizations of all sizes around the world. When he shows up to speak, Sterling shows up to deliver value which absolutely makes a difference for his audience. 

His Keynotes are designed to deliver tangible takeaways along with the inspiration to empower people to be in creative, immediate action. He customizes each presentation with multiple specifics for the audience producing the most impactful experience possible. 

Sterling Hawkins’ presentations include the most current methodologies with demonstrations of The Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and his Keynotes are designed to forward the intention of transformative, long-lasting and over-the-top results. 

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Sterling combines powerful storytelling with meaningful information and tools leaving listeners excited and empowered to take action. He’s one of only a few speakers I’ve seen that actually makes a real difference. We’ll definitely have him back!
— Michael Mikyska, Retail Managing Director, Innerworkings, Inc.
Thank you Sterling for a breath taking speech on Innovation!! Your mindset and delivery is epic and amazing and I am ever so grateful for your presentation at City Summit! Riveting!!
— Ryan Long, Founder, City Summit & City Gala
Over my many years running events around the world, few if any of my 2,000+ speakers delivered as remarkable a performance as Sterling did at Seamless Asia 2017.
— Oliver Arscott, Director, Terrapinn

There’s a difference between what we plan on or what we accept and what’s possible. That difference is The Innovation Gap™. In this talk, Sterling explores The Innovation Gap™ coupled with Innovation Thinking™. Social scientists know that people aren’t built for change. Amazon, Facebook and Apple figured this out and they have experienced organizational and bottom-line exponential growth. Sterling works with his audience todiscover newly what these organizations have already uncovered and then, with the audience, steps into the gap and works from there as a foundation of what’s possible. This is where Sterling’s Keynotes work magic, uncovering the keys to developing a culture of innovation to take advantage of the growth potential an organization hasn’t yet discovered.

Key Take Aways:

  1. Access to The Innovation Gap™ requires special kinds of know-how: letting go of everything we think we already know to discover what’s possible and developing a perspective which seeks what’s possible rather than what’s not.

  2. Leadership for the future needs to be leadership that embraces change to create a world where transformational performance is possible and proven.

  3. Gain insight on how leaders in an organization are the facilitators of the innovation process and become the agents of change, igniting that spirit in others.

  4. Sterling shows audiences, throughvarious examples, how to develop innovation thinking to gain perspective and clarity, taking profits to the next level inside the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where anything is possible. 

Action or lack of action determines results. Generally, if we see something as impossible, nothing is done about it. In this talk, Sterling unveils The Illusion of the Impossible™,opening up new possibilities for everyone in attendance. The impossible is an illusion and it can be disappeared. It was impossible to fly before the Wright Brothers. It was impossible to go to the moon with the computer processing power of a desk calculator before JFK. The same limiting “impossibilities” occur within our businesses.

Sterling brings case studies such as IBM, Amazon and Apple together with pop culture references, giving attendees valuable takeaways they’re excited to do something about.

Key Take Aways:

  1. There are key tools to unmask The Illusion of the Impossible™. Participants learn to distinguish innovative thought patterns, ideas and possibilities within their organization.

  2. Organizations and groups only work as well as the people in them work. Every organization has multiple groups of people who comprise the whole. From this integrated group, an organization creates its culture. Attendees will learn to develop access to impacting organizational culture while minimizing constrained thinking and unleashing the organization’s potential.

  3. Seeing an action to take is easy. Seeing the most effective action to take is not. Thinking that there is only one action to take in any given circumstance stops possibility. Lifting the veil of the impossible gives us access to seeing ALL the actions, products, services or solutions that will make the biggest difference.

Recently highlighted as a TEDx talk, the only constant is change. Sterling’s background in working with hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies has led to the discovery that innovation isn’t about money, who you know, or even about being in the right place at the right time. It’s about discomfort. 

We explain how embracing discomfort is access to breakthrough growth. People aren’t built for that, though; they’re built for survival. In today’s fast-paced world, change is necessary and learning how to accept it and get out ahead of it is the only competitive advantage. 

Sterling learned that concept working personally with retailers and brands to embrace the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including robots, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. This simultaneously required Sterling and the companies he worked with to think out of the box to embrace new technology coming together with humanity to unlock something new.

Key Take Aways:

  1. Intentionally creating discomfort in the current workplace or organizational situation leads to innovative thinking.

  2. See constraints, hardships and problems not as conditions to be rid of but rather as circumstances to be embraced and as the access to innovation.

  3. An ecology of people who create big goals allows for and even forces actions that were previously unthinkable.

One of the best TedTalks I have ever watched.

We live in a culture of consumerism and technology.  In this talk, Sterling explores how we arrived at this point, the surprising future in store for us and how we can create a future which fulfills on our wants and needs. 

When Sterling was growing up in his family’s supermarket, business was all about customers and all about community. Walmart, Amazon and others broke that traditional mold, making it all about scale, expansion and technology.

Venture dollars have accelerated startups flooding the market. Sterling began with his family’s organization and has now spanned the global retail industry shaping how emerging technologies such as robots, drones, artificial intelligence and countless other technologies can and do transform businesses and their people fulfill on their wants and needs.

For those in retail or interested in retail, this talk is a hands-on roadmap of which technologies are part of the present and the future, which organizations are already engaged in using them. He explains how leaders can inspire an organizational culture which embraces the change necessary to keep pace and to eventually become the innovators. 

Sterling’s leadership and vision has enabled retailers and their teams to step past the hype that traditional retail is dead.  He has empowered organizations to use technology to unify experiences and redefine retail as a flourishing force to be reckoned with now and in the future. 

Key Take Aways:

  1. Look at the power shift in the supply chain. Hint, customers are now in charge.

  2. Opening up new possibilities for a retail group can be based on case studies and real results.

  3. Create new possibilities and potential for your retail and brand operations.