Our Innovative Executive Coaching technique shifts established leadership norms to new levels of performance.  You and your organization are left powerfully prepared to take actions which cause the kind of unprecedented, exponential results you want and you’ve envisioned.  

It’s not coaching as most people understand it. Innovative Executive Coaching takes out of the way what’s in the way of maximum effectiveness. How do we get there? 

Our 1:1 Innovative Executive Coaching methodology impacts leadership performance at the level of the individual and through them, at the level of team. When a leader frees up his or her perspective, that frees up the organization’s people to be self-expressed and creative. Performance is the direct result of thought, attitude and action. To achieve dynamic performance and extraordinary results, new perspectives in those areas are required.  The successful leader must discover new opportunities and which actions there are to execute.  

Established practices teach that small, linear improvements are normal. To accomplish transformational, unparalleled results involves a leader looking past the everyday norms. A little better no longer can suffice.  Through our process, unlimited potential opens up for you as the leader and your organization. 


Our team provides the tools, skills and support to create a lasting change happen.  You, the leader, will learn to see hidden potential.  Our team partners with you to support the actions necessary to realize that potential. 

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Abbie is a trained leader who runs top notch programs, she infuses integrity and accountability with love, humor, and compassion. She is rigorous in her pursuit to have everybody she deals with operate from integrity and produce the results they are out to produce...for themselves and the organization.
— Jordan DeBear, Co-Founder, Anything Is Possible Foundation (AIPF)

Point Of View (POV) Expansion, Observer Effect, Present-Given Future and Freeing Leadership take Innovative Executive Coaching beyond what it has ever been, reliably delivering transformational results. 

Coaching is only on a 1:1 basis. In the evaluation interview, we make sure you’re prepared, committed and have the necessary resources for exceptional results.  Once approved, our team examines your organizational structure and how you operate within that structure. Then we customize a roadmap to fulfill on the kinds of results you demand. 

Point of VieW (POV) Expansion

A Point of View is defined as a particular attitude or a way of considering a matter- for example, a narrator’s position in relation to the story being told or the position from which something or someone is observed. 

Consider that you have a point of view about everything. EVERYTHING. Some points of view you know. Most of them you don’t. Life is not even a point of view to you and neither are the circumstances you deal with in your organization.

The work we do together is a simple and powerful access to the unexamined aspects of what you are dealing with. Our team analyzes what is really there — not what you hope as a leader is there nor what you wish were there. These unexamined aspects of your circumstances are what create your points of view. 


A Point of View is a part of the way we operate in the world. Nothing wrong with that, of course. If a POV remains undistinguished, it constrains and limits. Our work distinguishes the hidden points of view, disappearing the constraints and limits.

The hidden Points of View are the access points – the areas where you as a leader can expand his or her perception and see things from and how what’s in your environment sees you. Once you’ve distinguished these hidden POVs, you gain access to seeing new actions to take. That which once seemed too risky is now the natural action to take.

Observer Effect

There can be a tendency to discredit the outsider. Thoughts such as “what do they know?” or “how do they know?” are natural. Consider for a moment, however, the possibility that someone on the outside can have an unobstructed view of what is so. We utilize a non-linear approach in our business analysis and it is this component which has our coaching be powerful and distinct. We do not tell you what to do or what is wrong. You are the expert in your field. Having someone watch or interpret a business in action without judgment, follow events closely and help clarify is an often-ignored asset and an aspect an organization’s leader can utilize.

As the observer, our job is to stand shoulder to shoulder with you looking at what exists now- what is already happening. There is no judgement, no assessment, no hidden agenda. Offering new and distinct Points of View. 



How does a leader and their business end up where it is presently? From one place-- the past. The past is there, a hidden companion so to speak, guiding actions, fashioning thoughts. It teaches us how to interact with circumstances as they happen. 

When looking at leadership and business practices from the context of a past-given future, the best end-game is a slightly better version of what already exists: incremental growth.


Still, that’s simply not all there is. Our methodology disrupts the past’s grip on the present and the future, opening up new ideas, fresh thinking and new actions. You, as a leader, will step out in front of what has been for what can be. When standing in a truly present-given future, previously unimaginable growth now becomes not only possible, but expected.


Our company’s philosophy is that leadership potential lies within every individual. Our training uncovers access to that potential in all its aspects. Your access to leadership lies in getting out of the way what is in the way of you delivering on your visions and expertise. Anyone can be a leader, cause leadership and exercise leadership, regardless of title, position or what’s on the business card. 

Leadership doesn’t necessarily have to come from the front of the room — the one telling people what to do. A leader can empower leadership in others, for example, one can empower leadership from his or her chair in a meeting by listening and supporting someone else who is speaking or by getting things done one time  

We go after what you think is not possible. Partnering with us, incremental growth patterns are left in the past and you will create a future of exponential results, achieving not only perceived outcomes but also outcomes you could not see before.  You will discover the leader who is possible inside yourself and that is where the difference lies…

Unique and powerful ability to empower others to “get the job done.
— Jeff Willmore,



Though a discovery and evaluation meeting we look at the current situation. What’s working? What’s not working? Where is your attention? What is your time spent on? What are you goals?

  • In the first session, we take the top critical items we see would make the most immediate difference and identify long term goals and results we want to achieve.

  • Through weekly or bi-weekly calls, we assist you in managing existing goals and create new structures and new goals.

  • Your Innovative Executive Coaching session is totally customized for you. Together we will create an organizational culture which produces exponential growth in your organization.

  • Each month we evaluate status against actual performance, making sure we’re tracking for meaningful, transformational success.


  • POWERFULLY relate to what’s so in your business

  • IGNITE your vision and see it come to fruition

  • DEVELOP leadership skills and practices

  • OWN your story of who you are, who the business is and what it will become

  • CREATE meaningful, transformational results


Our team’s 1:1 Innovation Executive Coaching program is dedicated to executives and leaders wanting to execute and live in The Innovation Gap™ of what’s possible

  • Up and coming executives and leaders who are moving to the next step

  • C-level officers or medium and large companies

  • Team leaders, project leaders and initiative leaders

The program is used by Fortune 500 businesses for:

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Change

  • Culture Changes and Creating a Culture of Innovation Thinking™

  • Strategic Leadership

We’ve all read stories about exponential growth in business, in sales or on social media but how is this accomplished?  In fact, that is why we started this: to give you access to a formula which would result in exponential growth and performance for you and your organization. You will complete our Innovative Executive Coaching program with a new set of skills that transforms the difference you're able to make in the world.