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by expanding ourselves, we EXPAND What’s possible for the world.

Innovation (of our businesses or ourselves) is entirely a function of what you see as possible. It’s why Xerox invented the personal computer 20 years before Steve Jobs, but didn’t do anything with it. Seeing new things as possible is a factor of how you see the world. New activities (usually slightly confronting adventures or selfless acts of service) open up new perspectives to see our existing world, newly.

Adventure outings, retreats and workshops can be customized for you and your business. Or, you can join us for open community events! See below for the programs we already have calendared and apply to join.

Past workshops have included shark diving in Cape Town, skydiving in Southern California, Century Bike Ride in Utah, and bridge walking in Sydney.

**To join us, you must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of US $500,000 in the most recent fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must have either privately-raised funds of at least US $1 million and a minimum of 10 employees.

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