It takes breaking the status quo to achieve unprecedented success. I understand firsthand what it takes to confront fears, break the mold and transform how things have been done for what’s newly possible. I have founded several companies and been able to transition from being flat broke to selling my first company and from a fear of speaking to a group larger than three individuals to speaking on stages around the world. Understanding people is in my blood. I grew up a fifth-generation grocery retailer. As competition increased and technology evolved, mastering human behavior became more and more necessary. Over the last several years, I consulted with and collaborated with organizations such as Mitsubishi, P&G, Synchrony Financial and Energizer advancing those businesses through innovative discovery and on to exponential growth. I have continued to review over 1,000 new solutions every year for multiple companies realizing there is a process of best practices for the leadership it takes to grow a business. I’ve been quoted by and interviewed by multiple media outlets, including Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times and Inc. Magazine. My primary topics revolve around pushing the edge of what’s possible for retail companies mainly and looking at how those applications can be made available for any legacy business. I look to get under the hood, challenge assumptions, and expand and make accessible innovative thinking which will give a business culture the keys to optimal growth. 

Keynote Speaking is my favorite thing in the world to do. I love the energy and excitement I get to bring to businesses of all sizes, including small board meetings to conferences with thousands of people in attendance. When I’m not on stage, I’m pushing my own edges of what’s possible with friends and executive clients. We’ve embraced adventure workshops while shark diving at Seal Island, skydiving in Southern California, Century cycling in Utah, camping in the Sahara Desert, racing in Monaco, marathons, flying, yoga and an ever-growing bucket list of experiences yet to be discovered and enjoyed. 

If you’re looking for an engaging keynote speaker or workshop leader in the areas of innovation, transformational leadership, exponential growth or the future of commerce, I’m your guy. 

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